Removing Two Lines From Thunderbird Email Signature

Ahhh, those pesky two lines that appear every time you send an email on Thunderbird. Thunderbird is a fantastic email client for your personal and business needs. But those two lines that appear in your email signature are annoying to some.

Example Signature With Standard Delimiter

The standard signature delimiter, first used on Usenet, but also with email, looks like this:

Mary Smith, Treasurer, ABC Company

What is the purpose of the two lines?

First things first. You are referring to the signature delimiter.

Sometimes, this signature is separated from the body of the email by a specific string of characters called the email signature delimiter.

The signature delimiter identifies where the body of the email ends and the signature begins.

If you use a signature delimiter as the first line of your email signature, most mail software and webmail clients know not to display your signature again in replies and long mail threads. 

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