Joseph Agronov Homes

Client Summary

Joseph Argonov, a Toronto realtor, approached us seeking to differentiate himself from the multitude of licensed realtors in Ontario. While most realtors handle their own marketing despite being affiliated with brokerages like RE/MAX, Royal LePage, Century 21, and eXp Realty, Joseph desired a website that reflected his individuality and showcased his unique offerings. He didn't want to rely on generic funnel websites to give the impression of having numerous listings. We developed a tailored strategy to address his website and social media accounts, ensuring his distinct personality was effectively conveyed.

Our Role

As a marketing agency, our role was to enhance Joseph Agronov Homes' online presence and establish him as a standout realtor in Toronto. We executed various initiatives, including conducting in-depth consultations, designing a captivating homepage, establishing Joseph's brand identity, ensuring intuitive navigation, facilitating seamless communication, showcasing testimonials, implementing a scrollable menu, developing informative tip sheets, customizing calculators, organizing a professional photoshoot, curating a mailing list and newsletter, designing branded email templates, and providing social media guidance. Through these efforts, we successfully positioned Joseph Agronov Homes as an approachable, credible, and trusted realtor, ultimately improving his visibility and attracting potential clients.


List of Executed Initiatives for Joseph Agronov Homes:
  1. In-depth Consultation: Conducted detailed discussions with Joseph to shape the structure of his unique website, comparing approaches used by other realtors globally.
  2. Captivating Homepage: Designed a captivating homepage featuring a video background showcasing one of Joseph's property listings.
  3. Intuitive Navigation: Created a simple and user-friendly menu with three distinct items: buy, sell, and get in touch.
  4. Seamless Communication: Added a pulsating phone and text button to facilitate easy contact with Joseph via mobile devices.
  5. Testimonial Showcase: Incorporated a carousel to showcase testimonials and Google reviews, bolstering credibility.
  6. Scrollable Menu: Implemented a scrollable menu with a hamburger icon that expands to show menu options.
  7. Informative Tip Sheets: Developed informative tip sheets on each page, emphasizing Joseph's availability to assist with various real estate needs.
  8. Customized Calculators: Transformed standard calculators from the Ontario website to align with Joseph's brand.
  9. Professional Photo Shoot: Organized a high-quality professional photo shoot in Toronto to provide authentic and current visuals for Joseph's website and social media.
  10. Mailing List and Newsletter: Curated a client and potential client list, developed a mailing list, and initiated regular newsletter distributions via email.
  11. Branded Email Templates: Designed custom email templates consistent with Joseph's brand identity.
  12. Social Media Guidance: Provided advisory services to Joseph for photo selection and captivating captions on his social media accounts.

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